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CD 5 Libertarian candidate Wark has made the media rounds, most recently interviewed for an upcoming piece in Newsday! She was also quoted in a LP of Queens County press release sent countywide to Queens media on October 5 (UPDATE---The Newsday piece was published here). Her entire statement:

"Electing liberty candidates that respect our Constitutional Republic and keep their oaths to uphold the Constitution are the only hope for real change. Corruption in DC and loss of liberties have reached epic proportions. We must repeal unconstitutional laws and guard against any future abuses and power grabs." 

"We must downsize DC and put our servant government back in the box. If we are to succeed in doing so, we must also fight deficit spending, balance the budget, cap the debt, end the countless, needless, wars, close our bases around the world, and bring all the troops home."  

"Additionally, we must audit the Fed., create sound money, and unbridle the market from strangling regulations -allowing for a truly free market and more favorable environment for businesses. These crucial steps will help accelerate economic recovery and stimulate genuine growth and prosperity!"

Autumn Wark's Take Action Site: Help Her NOW! 0 comments

LP candidate for Congress Autumn Wark has just created a companion campaign site geared towards liberty-minded people to TAKE ACTION to get her elected! If you want to help her out check out:

Autumn Wark for Congress 2012--Take Action Web Page