Personal Note From Autumn: It's Time to TAKE ACTION!

Hello! My name is Catherine "Autumn" Wark. I am on the ballot as a Candidate for the House of Representatives in the New NY 5th Congressional District on the Libertarian Line! The District is currently represented in the House of Representatives by Gregory Meeks (D).

I was approached by the Libertarian Party of Queens to run for Congress due to my commitment to family and community preservation as well as promoting the Libertarian platform of limited government, sound money, free markets, individual rights, and no nation building or policing the world. 

Our government has strayed far from the principles of our Founders. Day by day we are becoming less free. All three branches of government have over-stepped their constitutional limitations. These public servants are violating their oaths of office and continuing to shred what remains of our Constitution. This is why I am a Libertarian and I support and assist the efforts of Downsize DC in putting our SERVANT government back in the box. Please visit

I am not some great political scholar, intellectual, attorney or privileged progeny of one of the American political dynasties. I am simply an artist and a mother. Although I am an artist I feel my greatest accomplishment, and the one I am most proud of, is being a mother! I truly believe mothering to be one of the most important jobs on earth! It is holistic in the sense that a mother must wear many hats! One must learn to be not just a nurturer but a mediator, diplomat, healer, therapist, family administrator, teacher, mentor, peacemaker, financial planner/advisor and the list goes on. In being a mother one develops valuable skills and attributes which qualifies one, I feel, to be a great public servant!

We have entrusted our precious liberty to career politicians and insiders who ARE, for the most part, ATTORNEYS! (How has that been working out for us so far?) There seems to me to be a HUGE conflict of interest there! Most attorneys make their living defending people that break LAWS! Money is what lawyers strive for to become politicians in order to create laws which insulate them in order to maintain their power. The corruption that takes place in between those stages is only viewed as an unfortunate inconvenience to the constituency they are sworn to protect. That chain must be broken and the only way to do that is take Big Money out of the political arena.

The corruption has become so absolutely ludicrous that not only are we now being forced by Washington to buy health insurance but we are being told what kind of lightbulbs we must purchase too! DC has become so corrupt that I suggest we STOP electing attorneys and start sending mothers and vigilant citizens well read in the Constitution to fix it. Keep putting attorneys in office and expect more of the same. It matters little if they are Republican or Democrat! Money in exchange for votes, wealth transfer through debt and inflation, growing government, and stripping We the People of liberty have been the name of the game in DC for decades! Let's end this gravy train operating at OUR expense and downsize DC together!

The libertarian philosophy is that of our Founding Fathers. My platform is straight up libertarian except regarding abortion. Although I am pro-life I believe abortion is a states issue. Our party platform can be viewed here and I highly recommend doing so;

I am seeking volunteers for my campaign. All liberty loving people are welcome!